Sunday, January 27, 2008

(So this is what I missed - boo)

Yeh!! the weather is beautiful - like it was for the whole of our first summer here. The one that tricked us and made us think that it was sunny all the time ( Kidding a wee bit)

Well big news - Joff and Hilary are officially having a baby! The three month scan has been done and everything is fine - I'm so excited so I can hardly think what they feel like!

Now mundane stuff . We've been washing the house - how funny. We bought a pressure washer last year and yesterday and today we cleaned the house - all the white fretwork and lacework look sparkling again. It takes a long time and you get absolutely soaked, but its fun and restful in an odd way.

The car auction was exciting. Sadly only 4 out of the 25 cars sold - BUT one of them was Lloyd's daimler! Whew and yippee! It was actually sad to see it go - but hopefully it's gone to someone who will use it and love it too.

Lloyd is off out on the boat today with a load of folk. It's pretty much my favourite thing to do on a lovely day but I have still got my poxy coldsore and don't want to aggravate it being out all day in the sun. Hopefully hell take some nice photos for me!Nick getting his suntan lotion on

Richard, Isla, Nick and Sara

( Lloyd was on Chris and Sara's boat)

Poor Brodie has a bucket on his head again - he has this thing that the vet thinks is a 'hot spot' not totally uncommon, and he is being driven mad by it - I think it's very itchy, but its healing well now and he seems a bit better.

Mum and dad arrive on Thursday. Really looking forward to that. There are people in the cottage just now but they leave tomorrow so I'll get it all lovely for them.

I think that's about it since last time.

Edited this post to add the pictures from yesterday that Lloyd took and also today ( no pics) but we went out on the boat again and it was absolutely glorious - we found this teeny beach with no one on it and had egg and bacon sandwiches and juice! It was perfect and for once I didnt burn my face. Oh and Brodie seems a lot better today too.

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