Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We've just had a really lovely weekend. Even though the weather was pretty manky!
Gordon came up with Erin ( who we love!) We just hung out, vegged a bit, went to the beach in the rain, had fish and chips at Manganoui, that sort of thing. Gordon and Erin are just incredible happy and chilled together. They've got some very exciting plans and things happening just now - its so great!
Vince came too, of course, and Bob greeted him like a long lost pal, which he is! Brodie loves everyone anyway so he was happy as a happy thing. Labradoodles seem to just gel together when there's a wee group of them, there was no growling or fighting, just a lot of running around like mad things. It's very difficult to photograph three dogs, these were the best pics I could get.Vince is looking amazing! Very slim and trim.

now, I wonder...three dogs...?

Yesterday we went over to Rawene most of the day to see Carol, which is always magic! We had one of these amazing deep ( haha) , putting the world to rights conversations , and as always it was great to see her.

Today we're heading down to Whangarei with the Daimler - it goes into the auction on Saturday and they want them down today for some reason? So off we go - in the rain again!

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