Saturday, February 16, 2008

Had an absolutely gorgeous day out on the boats on Tuesday, sun shining blue skies, yawn, yawn!We just zoomed about and stopped off at various coves for swims and snacks. We went to Asassination Cove, never been there before and it was stunning ( it's where the wee ducklings were) Also got chips at Uruapukapuka and did a boat to boat transfer! We had a veg on the beach and basically had a really lovely day.Mum and I went over to Rawene to see Carol, mum's dress that Carol is making is so nice, then she had to be the model for a wedding dress!! We had a spot of lunch at The Boatshed then headed home.

Last night we took the boat over to Russell with mum and dad and went to The Gables - first time we've ever eaten there and it was amazing - it's really a fish restaurant and the food was out of this world.We've had a couple of days of showers and sun, which is perfect, everything really needed a good soaking, but I do hope the rain goes away for Neil and Jo arriving.

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