Sunday, February 24, 2008

It was dad's 70th birthday on Monday, so we went on a drive round the Hokianga and over to Kohukohu to have some lunch, then round past Opononi and took the dogs for a walk and a swim on the beach, then stopped off at the Copthorn for a drink. It was a beautiful day ( need to get mum's photos!) In the evening we went to Cilantro again which was excellent and dad got a huge chocolate cake!

Then Neil and Jo and Katie and Jamie have arrived! yeh!
Unfortunately so has the rotten weather - boo!

We had a lovely dinner with everyone just before mum and dad left to visit the South Island. ( which they are enjoying hugely - I've had a couple of calls from mum and she loves Christchurch and said the trip is really brilliant)
Anyway, we had a big barbeque, one Jerome brother in the kitchen and one on the deck!
and Katie made friends with pango

Then the weather got really terrible for a couple of days, so all we did was hang about inside and I took a wee trip down to Whangarei to buy fabric ( oh the excitement!)
Yesterday it was Katie's birthday, unfortunately her day at the trapeze place had to be postponed cos of the awful rain, but we can still do it later. We did have a wee party here for her though, and a nice brunch at Cafe Blue, and in the evening we had a lovely roast chicken dinner and a big chocolate cake. Then a quick call to 'Granny Penny'

MMmmmmm cakeKatie doing the honours

Today, thankfully the sun has come out, and just as well cos Nick and Sara are having a party.

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