Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We've been home a week now and have barely sat down! We've had a few nights out and a few in. We went to see the new Indiana Jones film and we all liked it. It is what it is!

I've been painting The Acorn to give it a freshen up for any new bookings, it was so well used last year it just needed it. I have a few already for over late winter so it's all good.

We got new gates made for our deck before we went on holiday to keep Brodie in, unfortunately he squeezed himself out the gaps, so we had to add some bars to them, now they are perfect for the job, so I painted them all too, then I decided the front door needed doing...then the french doors....anyway I am now painted out.

At the weekend the forecast was for big, huge waves on the west coast so we went up to Shipwreck Bay with Sara and Chris and all the dogs. We didn't get there till high tide so the waves had shrunk somewhat, but Chris still went out for a couple of hours while the rest of us lazed around on the beach. It was lovely. Then, as usual, we went to Manganoui for fish and chips.
Not bad for a winter's day.

where have the waves gone??

We're heading down to Auckland this weekend for the All Blacks v England in the rugby. Now, who do I want to win???

Bob in the back garden this morning

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