Friday, June 27, 2008

The weather has been so AWFUL! It's doing my head in!

Rain rain rain!

Cattle trucks had to go up the drive a couple of times to take some stock away so they absolutely trashed it, sunk deep into the tracks and now we have a mud bath outside the house which unfortunately isn't getting a chance to dry out. It happened last year too and I know it completely recovered, but it just looks such a mess just now. Next year there will be NO trucks at this time.

On the positive side everything is looking so green!

R&V are coming home in September! yippeee! This is way earlier that they thought so they'll be back for V's birthday in October. I'm really happy about this. We're missing them big time.

Animals are all good, dogs are a little bored. I think cos of weather but Bob seems happy enough to lie on the sofa all day - he thinks it's his divine right and winges if the livingroom door is shut.

I finally gave in and ordered Sky! We've never had it before, ever, but Wimbledon is on just now and next week it's the big matches and the Olympics are on in a few weeks too so we just decided to go for it. There's a special offer just now too of free installation , half price sports and 12 free pay films, it was too good to pass up ( yeh right!) ( just this sec got an email, they cant fit if for three weeks so no Wimbledon, never mind!)

The garden has been left to its own devices and oddly enough my sweet peas are out! mmm weird!

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