Friday, July 18, 2008

Did more baking this afternoon, they look better this time, funny that, maybe something to do with putting the oven on and not the grill? And having non stick cases? Yes these things help!
Orange this time.

Now I am well aware that these are nothing special to anyone who bakes, but I have a hatred of cooking and my efforts at baking have been beyond rubbish so to have actually made something thats edible is quite amazing really!

I had some visitors this morning , well the chickens did! Don't know if they were invited for breakfast or just a chat, but the ladies flew off when I arrived, the man was a bit slower so I managed to get a pic of him.

Last night Lloyd and I went to Cafe Jerusalem then off to the cinema to see Mama Mia, it was packed!! But since we're regulars and the lovely lady knows us she let us in for concessions! We both absolutely loved the film. Ok Pierce Brosnan isn't the greatest singer in the world, but that was all part of the charm for us! The greek island it was filmed on looked absolutely stunning and it looked like they all had a right laugh making it. It's a real feel good make you smile film. So I've been listening to Abba today and dancing round the kitchen!

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