Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well, apart from watching far too much tv in the evening ( the food channel is full of brilliant ideas!) I've been out in the garden today pruning the mad spikey shoots from the new citrus trees that sprouted this year, Wendy told me what they were called but I can't remember!
Then I went down to mum and dads and tidied up their garden too, it was looking lovely but the bushes needed a prune.
I had to move the cows as the grass isn't growing very fast at all just now, I suppose it's been a little too cold, it's certainly still been wet enough.
I grass seeded the drive where it got trashed so I hope it doesn't all get washed away.the last of the chillis!

Oh Lloyd bought a new car - he gets it next week, and it's lovely! It's a very pretty BMW it's nice and big so we're going to give it a run down to Auckland in a couple of weeks for the Food Show. Chris has a stand there for Lemon Fresh so he's given us tickets. Last night we were over at Chris and Judy's for dinner and they showed us the packaging etc for it all and its stunning, really fresh and clean.

N&S are off to the Uk tomorrow for over a month! I have no idea what we're going to do without them! We've booked a dinner at Cilantro and I'm going to get some reflexology done for my 'bad head'! It may work!

I made some scones and also some cupcakes, no pics of them cos we ate them all so quickly, I've been doing a bit of baking - still can't see what all the fuss is about - it's an absolute faff, but the results are nice.

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