Friday, July 04, 2008

The winter weather has been a little better since last time. Just a wee bit wet now, but with some lovely sunny, blue sky weather in between the showers, so not so bad really. I've managed to get out in the garden for a couple of days and get some weeding and clearing up done. The drive is still a mass of mud, it's still not getting a chance to dry out properly. But it's been so nice getting the grass cut, and doing general garden stuff.

The chickens are ace. They've really made their run into their home. The huge back bit is all pecked and scratched, the artichokes are there so they've been eating them, chucking them around and digging. The front bit is their lawn that they sunbathe on. Maude is still laying an egg a day, Mathilda has stopped but Millicent is laying one a day too. Mabel's fluffy head is looking very red now so I think she may actually start as well. But we have more than enough eggs. I'd love to get some more though, maybe a frizzle or a couple of red shavers.
Lloyd made his first ever tortilla ( and it was better than mine..NOOoooooo!)

On Wednesday I went over to Rawene for the day with Carol, which was lovely as it always is! The class of girls that I'm supposed to be helping teach is on holiday for the next couple of weeks so once the holidays are over that should start, which will be good.

Yesterday I went to Whangarei for a lampwork course. This is where you get a blow torch and glass rods and melt the glass till its a molten blob on the rod then melt it round a mandril ( a slim metal rod) to form a bead. Basically it's playing with molten glass for a day. It was absolutely brilliant. The things I made are being sent up today so hopefully they'll arrive on Monday, I can't wait to see what they turned out like after being set in the kiln. To start with I was totally cack handed - I think being left handed when everything is set up for a right handed person doesn't help, but I'm also a bit clumsy when doing something new like this. It took a few tries then all of a sudden I got the hang of it. Obviously if I was to make anything half decent I'd need to practice a lot more, but for a first attempt I was pretty pleased - I think! I'll post pics once they arrive, but this is definitely something I want to do again.

Today I spent hours in my shed :O) Spotlight had a sale last week so I went a bit mad buying fabric and today I made a sort of 50's style summer dress, I'll wear it over jeans - so I'm not going to be wearing it for a while then! ( cos of the lack of summer not jeans!) It's probably the most difficult thing I've ever made so I'm dead chuffed.

We've just booked our ski holiday for Spetember the somethingth that I cant remember! We're off down to Whakapapa for 5 days with Nick and Sara so that should be brilliant. There's a fair bit of snow there already.

Do you think it might rain?

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