Monday, September 29, 2008

There was a classic car fun run thing on Sunday. We don't actually have a classic car, but we're allowed to take the mazda!
It was a lovely sunny day and we all met up in town. There was a pretty big crowd so that was lovely. The first half was really good fun. There were clues that you had to follow, some were a little obscure but it was a laugh. Half way round we stopped at the Mission House. It's just round the corner from ours and lazily, we'd never been. It was really beautiful. We didn't have time to go round it but we'll go back in a few weeks when mum is over.
Some of the cars at the start

The second half of the fun run was really difficult. The clues were completely impossible to understand, most people actually gave up! When we passed our own house for the third time we also gave in and admitted defeat and came home! It was a real shame actually, if they'd just stuck with the formula of the first half it would have been an excellent day out!
The Mission House at Waimate North

At least we had time to cut the grass!

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