Saturday, October 11, 2008

It was Lloyd's birthday last weekend and we had a lovely time, we have simply the best friends in the world. On Saturday Ness cooked up a posh adult dinner - even though she was feeling really unwell. It was brilliant - the meal, not the unwell part! On Sunday Nick and Sarah had a massive antipasti dinner for him and a gigantic chocolate cake. Then on Monday Ness made another lunch.
We feel very lucky... and very full. Lloyd's birthday 'hands out' pic.

we've been having lovely weather since spring has sprung. We've been doing a lot in the garden, clearing, planting all our veg, pruning, general tidying up and back to cutting the grass about twice a week! Bliss. We've started a new composting regime ( things you never found yourself saying in Glasgow!) and all is well with the world.

The long horrible winter seems like a distant memory already. Mum is coming out in a few weeks, looking forward to that, and the Acorn has been full of people.

And this has been out in force!

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