Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to build a chicken house in 75 easy steps.

We have just spent the afternoon making a house for Maude. If everything goes to plan she's going to need a safe place to bring up her babies for the first 4 weeks before they can go in with the big chooks. We didn't have any plans and neither of us have ever made something like this! Lloyd just knew what to do!
We actually really enjoyed it - even though we are both a bit tired now and in much need of a curry and a spa!

even Brodie did his bit to 'help'

Tomorrow I paint!

All done!
It's now down in the chicken run. We're going to put a wee bit of roofing felt along the top bit to make i even more weather proof.
Maude isn't in it yet - I want the paint smell to go away first.

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