Saturday, October 18, 2008

Early spring veggies

Some veggie garden pics so I can see the difference as it gets warmer.
We planted the veggies out about 2 weeks ago. The herb garden is ongoing, some was a couple of days ago some was a couple of weeks ago.
The potatoes and garlic were about 6 weeks ago.

We'll plant more lettuce every couple of weeks that way we'll not run out over summer but also it won't get a chance to go to seed either.

Still got carrots, some more spring onions and a eggplant to go in. Also in the herb garden I'm waiting for basil.potatoes and garlic

chillis, red and green onions

Herb Garden

see the asparagus poking out?

lettuce, tomatoes and lemongrass

Today Lloyd and I are turning our hand to making a chicken ark! should be interesting!

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