Monday, November 03, 2008

Machete Madness

Lloyd and Nick had a very productive day yesterday. The bananas' coats were on a shaky nail and the day had arrived!
Armed with machetes and stubbies ( Nick, brave man!) they set to work. What was once an overgrown, wind blasted, ugly banana grove is now a cleared area where hopefully the 4 palm trees that were hidden, can now thrive. The bananas will grow again - and we're pondering whether we want them to or not....


It was really hot so they did well to get it all done.
After they'd finished they decided to try and pull down the ornamental banana palms. These are stunning plants that get the most amazing huge flower on them, but sadly after that one flower, they die, leaving a tall ugly brown trunk.
It proved more difficult than we all thought so they resorted to chains and the truck - and even then only managed to get one away.

The 2 of them then spent the rest of the evening in the spa drinking copious amounts of whisky!

Today Some of Maude's eggs hatched! It's been so exciting. So far out of the 6 of them we have three wee chicks - 2 bright yellow ones and one that is yellow and sort of tawny. I have no idea if the last three eggs will hatch or not - we've been told to leave them there for another couple of days to see, so this is what we'll do. At the moment it's very difficult to see the chicks as they are hiding under Maude for warmth, but from what we have seen they're looking really good and strong.

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