Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Maude's babies

(go to the bottom for new pics!)

Then there were 5.

Friday now and the chicks are 4 days old!
They have feathers coming in already. Some even have fluffy bits on their tails ( bet they're boys!) They are all amazing, not one of them looks less strong than the others and Maude is being a brilliant mum.

Two weeks and four days old!
Look at all their feathers! Even their wee combs are growing. I was brave and let them out this evening, thinking that as it was just an hour before they would be going to roost, Maude would probably take them back to bed, but she took them back after about 20 minutes. It was cool though, the wee ones actually flew! A bit too high for my liking!

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  1. doyle wanted to know whether we could breed chicken necks too he he and i told him no they are smoked chickens cos they've got an ashtray lol


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