Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alcoholic Beverages!

We were watching Hugh FW on tv and he was making elderflower champagne, well we thought, we have a huge amount of elderflower trees and they all have a lot of flowers on them so why don't we give it a go and while we're at it we should make some cordial too.
So we did.
They're both really easy to make. The cordial is ready just a few days after you get the ingredients all together, the champagne a little longer but it'll be done in time for christmas. It won't be terribly alcoholic really, just about the strength of a mild beer.

The cordial was ready a couple of days ago and already we've finished one bottle, it's delicious.

Lucky escape
We had a near disaster a few days ago. I took the dogs out for a run and unfortunately there were 6 more playthings than usual in the garden! Maude and her babies had got out of the run ( hole is now fixed) and Brodie and Tallulah decided this was a great new game. Tallulah had a chick in her mouth, but luckily she has a very very soft mouth and is very well behaved and the second I told her to drop she did. One completely unharmed chick. Brodie, on the other hand, had Maude held down on the ground. He also let go when I yelled at him, but he was using a lot more force. Bob was just standing back being very quiet, he just seems to know what the right thing to do is, all the time, he's a rather amazing dog.
Anyway, I got the dogs back into the house then rounded up the chickens. I had to make another hole in the run and ushered them all back. Then I checked Maude over. She was limping a lot and looked to be in total shock. Anyway I put her to bed. It's now about three days later and she seems to have made an almost full recovery. She still has a very slight limp, which may disappear ( I hope so) but she looks ok. Thank goodness. Anyway this has made us go and get more chicken wire to redo the section of the run that had net walls, the net would perish in time so it won't be a wasted job. Need to keep the ladies safe.

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