Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giant chicks!

The chicks are 5 weeks old now and just look like sort of ..well chickens!
We definitely have 2 boys and three girls - not bad :O)
We're going to keep one boy for sure and see how things go with him ( I've formed rather a soft spot for Gladys) I'll have to find out when it's ok to start looking for a home for boy number 2.
I'm still locking them up at night but apart from that they're out all day running about enjoying life.
It has been an absolutely brilliant experience. If another chicken goes broody I think we'll do this again - maybe a couple of frizzles and a couple of silkies - breeds not known for laying huge amounts of eggs but very pretty!
If we end up with a million chickens we'll open up the grassy bit next to the run ( where avocados will eventually go) and let them have a huge area. It wouldn't take much work at all to do that.

This is Gladys - the wee rooster

these are 2 of the girls

just a few days later...

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