Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Scorcher

We celebrated christmas over at N&S yesterday. The Owenses all came over in the morning and John and Sally and Ryan another friend of N&S were there too.
It was such a lovely christmas. We ate too much and drank too much. I'm sure there will be a few sore heads this morning and if there's not - then wow!
It was scorching, especially in the morning. Everyone crammed under the deck at one stage to be out of the sun.

THE Bench! Nick and Sara's handywork!

The ham, lloyd's handywork!

this was breakfast at....1pm!

and dinner, much later.

Boxing day dawned bright and sunny. We took the boat out and met up with everyone at Crayfish cottage for a lovely lunch of stilton and home made focaccia.
Then N&S, John, Sally and Ryan in Rubber Duck and us in Ladybird went for a zoom round the bay. John and Ryan went for a dip and collected lots of mussels.
We're all having quiet nights tonight, but everyone is coming over here for breakfast tomorrow.

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