Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Summer Garden
I need to have a little brag here, but I am very proud!
Most of you know that until we moved here I'd never had a garden before, in fact if I'm being honest I'd not really shown any interest in gardening at all.
When we bought Darroch Cottage I obviously knew it had a garden and that it was a big one, but it all looked easy enough!
Yeh right!
There's about 5 acres of pure garden and it's a big job keeping it all lovely, and if I miss a day I know about it!

But as it turns out ( thankfully) I love gardening, even weeding and especially mowing the lawn. Not so much the heavy stuff but Lloyd is a great help there.

This year I've finally been happy with the veggie patch everything is amazing with the exception of the garlic which has all died. Don't know why.aubergine,spring onions, carrots, radishes


butternut squash, pampams, crown pumpkins

Anyway, I just wanted to post some photos of it all ~ this is my labour of love.

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