Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kauri Cliffs for Lunch

We've all been planning to do this for yonks, but had just never got round to getting it all booked, so Ness took control!

We piled into one car and headed off into the sun.

Kauri Cliffs is just gorgeous - it's very Kiwi in that it's totally understated, but beautiful.
We started off with drinks on the terrace then a long leisurely lunch. It was a set menu but all delicious! Then we had a tour round the place. The spa is amazing. The wee villas in the gardens are gorgeous - I'd love to stay in one but at $2200 the night I think not!

I love this photo, I think it's the only one I have of all 6 of us together!

Over the winter season they do specials for locals so we may all go back then. Normally it's very expensive and people turn up in their helicopters!! Neesless to say we didn't take our helicopter, it was quicker to drive! Yeh right!

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