Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Diving the Poor Knights

We spent the last couple of days down at Tutakaka with Nick and Sara having booked a dive trip to the Poor knights Islands with PK dive. The Poor Knights Islands are a marine reserve. SO no fishing has been allowed for, I think, the last 10 years, so it is absolutely teeming with life.
We got there early on Sunday morning. It looked a bit choppy from the marina, but Richard, the boat driver said we'd give it a go. So try we did! However it was absolute mayhem. The sea was the biggest, swellyest ( new word!) mess I have ever seen. It was going to take at least 2 hours to get out there and Richard made the decision to turn back. First time in all his years working there that he'd ever done that!
We'd booked to stay in PK dives bach overnight and luckily the trip wasn't fully booked for Monday so we all got back on, with the promise of a third dive too.

The weather was much better, well the skies weren't as blue, but the sea was a lot less scarey.

We got out to the Poor Knights in about an hour, I think and it was all so pretty. Then for the rest of the day we dived, and I reckon these were the best dives I've ever had, pretty much, and I have dived a lot of places in the world.
The visability was 40m+ which even here that's exceptionally good. The life was ace and the dives were some of the prettiest ever.
We're so lucky to live just up the road from them as it makes it something we can do again and again.
The company we were with were amazing, couldn't fault them on anything so we'd definitely use them again.
All in all the best day!!

One of the many, many rays we saw.


Nick and Lloyd

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