Monday, March 02, 2009

"I see you've brought the weather, Billy"

We drove down to Auckland in what was supposed to be another tropical cyclone, but apart from some very heavy rain ( 130mm ) and gusty winds overnight it turned out to be really rather nice!
Stayed in the Quadrant as usual, always good to us.
Mum came down so we went for a wee shop at Sylvia Park in the afternoon then went for a veg at the hotel.
Lloyd and I met Cath and Duncan for drinks and food first, which was lovely, then we wandered down to the Vector Arena. I actually really liked it as a venue.

At about 8.15 Billy came on stage and rambled away in his inimitable style for well over 2 hours. He was absolutely brilliant, I love this kind of humour and it's all lovely as a lot of it is Glasgow based, we've lived in places he talks about so really get it all! Pixie is even 'Princess Pixie Fae the Drum' ( you'll only really get this if you're from Glasgow!)
It was a fantastic night, I loved every second of it.

The photos are not great, our seats were, but they were high up and looked quite far away. With a wee camera, no flash and a small zoom they're never going to be good!
I think he looks like Santa Clause!

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