Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lake Manuwai Surf Club
First ever meeting!

We've just spent the weekend up at Ahipara camping with a crowd of folk who make up the surf club - it's a complete piss take as Lake Manuwai is always completely flat.
There's a bunch of people who have just started, beginners ish or goood at surfing. Richard has organised it all beautifully, so a big thank you!
And it's all really good fun.
There are almost as many dogs as people. ( Lulah and Brodie were a complete shambles!!)

The holiday park at Ahipara is really lovely, we all rented cabins and on Saturday just pretty much spent the day at the beach, then had a huge barbeque then sleep so everyone was raring to go bright and early.
Bright and early varied depending on the amount of alcohol that was consumed the night before.
Highlight of the evening was being told off, like teenagers, for making too much noise! Terrible state of affairs. ( some of us had gone to bed already so are completely blameless, of course :) )

Base camp on SaturdayLloyd and Kate

Richard - organiser extraordinaire!

Lulah looking like a right freak!

Forest, most handsome of Labradors


On Sunday, earlyish, we all headed down to 90 mile beach. Weather was absolutely amazing. We've always said this time of year is spectacular up here, while the rest of New Zealand is getting cooler and autumn is well started, we're still basking in the sun.
waves weren't huge, but they were really good for everyone.
Kate, Lee, Forest and Bob

Mike, Bart, Lloyd, Lulah, Bob and Brodie

Sharon and Lloyd

Lulah and a tired Brodie

Bob and some random fish head!

Kate, Mel and Forest

Lloyd looking like a surfer!

from left to right
Mike, Justin, Lloyd, Bart, Richard, Jo, Danny, Sharon and Rick.

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  1. stunning pics laura lovin the almost retro feel


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