Friday, May 01, 2009

We're Kiwis
The citizenship ceremony was held in Kaikohe and it was great.
There was a lot of singing, and clapping and smiling!
Kate was first to go up and she was very brave! (Richard is a kiwi so she had to do it by herself)
Nick and Sara were next and were the couple just before us which means our certificates run numerically which is rather lovely!
It was quite emotional but we all managed to pledge our allegiance in loud voices.

Kate being granted citizenship

Nick and Sara getting theirs

Big group shot ( we're all hidden away at the back left)

Nick, Sara, Kate, Lloyd and I.

Then off to the pub! A lovely wine bar has opened in Kerikeri ~ 88 Below, so we all went there then for a curry. It seemed apt.

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  1. it's great to have you onboard! yippee...


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