Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm listening to the rain just now and thinking how good it is that we planted the garlic a couple of days ago!

This year for the first time ever I've harvested seeds from veggies we grew over summer. I now have about a gazillion seeds! I'm going to plant lots in early spring then share the seedlings with all our friends. I bought small envelopes and NZ Gardener had copies of pictures to write the names on!
I know that some are going to be surprises. Like the chillis and peppers. They may have cross pollinated as they were all in the same bed ( I didn't know any better!) so it'll be interesting to see what we get.
The tomatoes are going to be an experiment as I got blight on them this year and I have no idea if the mould carries into the seeds or not. Pretty rubbish if it does!

I've also got in a lot of heritage seeds from Koanga Gardens which I'm really excited about.

And now for a totally random non related thing...
I spent the day in my shed ( supposed to be called 'The Pip" as it's in the apple orchard, but I just call it 'my shed') sewing, and I made this!

I'm dead chuffed with it as I don't know how to follow patterns so I just make things up as I go along. Need somewhere nice to wear it though as I don't think it's really a suitable gardening outfit!

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