Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jemima Puddle Chicken is laying too!

That means we've had a 100% success rate with the 'babies'. They'll see us through the winter now. We've not had to buy eggs since last February - 16 months! So I'd say the chickens have been a huge success and an absolute joy.

I am sporting a rather nifty eye at the moment. It just goes to show that gardening isn't necessarily a safe thing to do. I tripped over a stake in the veggie patch and landed face first on the edge of the wheelbarrow. I already had a wee scratch there and I think it got worse! It was sore. But is getting a lot better today, I think.

Other news, I am going to see mum and dad and Joff, Hilary and Max in October. The flights are all booked ( thanks mum and dad) and I am really excited.

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