Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The days are getting longer...
The chooks are going to roost at 5.45 now, so this is how I can tell. Well that and it's actually lighter!
Mathilda ( one of the minorcas) started laying again yesterday. They started to moult at the end of March. I hadn't realised how much I'd missed the white eggs until I saw one again. It's very beautiful. She decided not to lay it in the nesting boxes, but in the mud in the broody house, so I got a nice box and filled it with sawdust and put it in there so hopefully she'll lay in it today. (eta well they ate bits of the box and chucked the sawdust all over the place so that was a success!)

Weather the last couple of days has been lovely so we got a lot done in the garden. Some pruning, total removal of huge gnarly roses that I've been moaning about for years but just couldn't face the hours of pruning and digging. Well they're gone as of yesterday!Lloyd taking a low branch off the magnolia.

A lot of tidying up after last weekends storm, a huge amount of gum branches and a few trees had blown down and unfortunately some of them had landed on fences. Down at the Acorn half the pine ishy tree has been flattened and one of the big heavy wooden chairs was blown right off the deck, but apart from that it's fine.

Blossom has appeared on the cherry trees over the last few days, the magnolia flowers are opening and the daffodils are starting to bloom.

So we may not be over the worst of winter but at least I feel like we're on the home straight. It has been wet for the last couple of weeks but we've had lots of nice weather in amongst it all.Camillias are absolutely covered in flowers. Probably cos we fed the gardenias so much and they've got the benefit!

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