Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zabaglione or Zabaione or Sabayon...

After the chat yesterday about our glut of eggs, I decided to make zabaglione.
We'd just had a huge pizza so it probably wasn't the best idea but I had it in my head so had to do it!
It's pretty straight forward.

I used 4 eggs - should have only used 2 as half of it had to be chucked!

Separate the eggs and put in 2 bowls

Add half a cup of icing sugar to the yolks and whip up until pale and ever so slightly foamy

Once you've done that heat over a bain marie, make sure the bowl isn't actually in the water. Keep whipping until it feels a bit thicker, hard to describe! Then add half a cup of marsala ( I used sweet sherry as we didn't have marsala and I also think it needed a bit more) Most likely it will end up all over the place, I managed to get it all over the cooker, the walls, myself and probably the dogs.

Keep whipping up until it doubles in size. It will have a creamy texture. It takes a wee while.
Take it off the heat. Then whisk the egg whites until they have peaks, and fold into the yolks.

Serve warm in glasses. It has to be eaten immediately as I found what was left in the bowl was beginning to split.

This will fill you up to bursting point!

( thanks Bella) Now to try my hand at ice cream.

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