Saturday, August 15, 2009

Auckland v's Northland Rugby

For the first time since the 1970's a big match was played in Kerikeri, usually they're down in Whangarei but there was a problem with their turf or something! Anyway it was our gain as the whole town got behind it all. From what we could tell it was sold out.
It was held at the domain and a huge stand had been built on one side and round the other three sides there was standing room. It was filmed for sky tv so we may even see ourselves!!

This is us all before the match.
We decked ourselves out in blue wigs for the occasion and we all looked rather fetching!
Our mayor, Wayne Brown, sky dived in, which I thought was quite brave.

A few action shots

This is Northland's mascot - it's a Taniwha, a mythical Maori beast that lives underwater. He was pretty cute.

More action shots

This is Joe Rokocoko, he's an All Black.

and I think this is John Afoa another All Black. There were a few of them playing today.

At the end of the match all the spectators and all the players just milled around chatting to eachother. They were all signing autographs and getting photos taken. This was pretty cool.

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