Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is what I've been doing today. No idea if I am late or early or what! But I have a lovely spot in the woolshed, right at a big window so I thought it was ideal to use as a potting area. Previously we've bought all our veggie seedlings from the local garden centre. This autumn, as mentioned before, I saved seeds from as much as I could, therefor almost everything I planted today was free! I feel like an extra on "The Good Life" or something! Just need to see if anything at all germinates!

I also started a garden file last year. Basically it was just a list of everything that did well. I've added the list below so that I can get some sort of organisation going in the veggie patch. Never having had a garden till we moved here I really just make it up as I go along. The area is 10m by 10m and I've got so into it that it's not even big enough.

Garden for summer 2009

Mid August 2009 - Planted from seed


Heritage Tommy Toe - red 3cm disease resistant

Heritage Mortgage lifter - big Beef

Heritage J Walsh - yellow egg shaped


Chillis and Peppers

Scotch Bonnets

Green Peppers

Mild Hungarian Peppers

Red Cherry Chilli

Butternut Squash

Gem Squash


Broad Beans

Climbing Beans

pea pods


green courgette


Spring onions

Obviously there's still the herbs, potatoes, garlic is already in, and various bits and bobs, but this is basically it unless anyone can see something I'm missing. Carrots?


  1. What about something leafy green like spinach, actual spinach, not silver beet (sometimes the 2 get confused). I use this on sandwiches and in salads instead of lettuce. May I add I am very envious of your garden space, growing up in NZ my folks had a huge veggie garden. Right now I have a couple of pots and that's it!

  2. hi there, I grew spinach over winter ( and it did incredibly well) but the chooks got almost all of it, which, of course, they loved! So I decided as space is short in the summer, because I pack so much in, to give it a miss.
    I just read in NZ gardener this month about a man who grows all his veggies in pots! The only thing he found didn't work well was carrots.

    We are so so lucky, though, we've even got separate built up beds for potatoes and all the squashes so they don't take up any space in the veggie patch. I just love it!

  3. I need to check the herb garden, but I think we have it, if not...good thinking!

  4. Hi, you're on to it. I can highly recommend the Italian zucchini 'Costasta Romanesco'. This year I'm going to grow French dwarf beans rather than any climbers, hubby prefers these beans too (otherwise it's just me eating them).
    I'm also going to try again with the chillis 'Ancho St Luis' and 'Pasilla Bajio' (from King's seeds) - didn't have any joy last year which was disappointing. Love having fresh chillis in the garden.
    Good luck with your seedlings.


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