Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy, Busy Day in the Garden Yesterday

All faffy things like clearing the potato beds, feeding them with vast amounts of home made donkey poo fertilizer, weeding, pruning, clearing, all pretty boring stuff really but totally necessary.

I even tried to clear the chook run of all the jerusalem artichokes, an impossible task.
They were originally planted all up one side and they do make excellent shade in the summer, but we can't use them all even giving them away! Once the chickens have dug them up and flung them all oer the place they are also a rat magnet. So I raked up lots and lots of them and gave them to Aoife and Ruairidh who seemed to like them.
I know there will still be loads left but the chooks do eat them.

Photos are very boring as it all just looks like mud!this is the potato and pumpkin bed all cleared. ( some nice Agrias just coming up on the far side)


An avocado I've nurtured from seed.

I've been checking my seeds every day, and the saying 'A watched kettle never boils' is feeling very apt! Nothing is happening, not a teeny green shoot in sight. I hope they hurry up as I want them all in the veggie garden before I leave to go to Scotland in mid October.
the beetroot ( and parsnips) which is getting picked today, Lloyd is going to pickle it or something - I HATE beetroot!

The plum trees are all covered in blossom and look beautiful and the 'real' daffodils and bluebells are all up now too so spring is definitely in the air!plum blossom

and a lovely magnolia


  1. You have some good looking garden spaces, our backyard is about the size of your potato patch. I have never tried growing garlic, did you grow it from seed?

  2. yes, you just plant a clove. take the 'skin' off.
    We've done a mixture this year. NZ garlic from the supermarket ( make sure the bulb has some roots) Takahoe (?) heritage from Koanga Gardens ad some hard neck which was from our original crop 4 years ago and has been passed from friend to friend and now some back to us! So far we've got a 100% success rate, but it's early days! Our garden is 5 acres so its flipping huge!!

  3. 5 acres, oooh, now I'm REALLY green with envy!


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