Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spring must be coming...
I got my first sand fly bite!
( for those of you in NZ a new find - bonjella teething gel - put it on the bites and no pain!)

Richard and Ness came for breakfast this morning armed with a chainsaw and got some wood, then Lloyd and I spent the rest of the day in the garden

When I was deadheading all the camillias I found thisIt's a tree weta, cute or what!


  1. thank you for the kind woofs! we appreciate the support... bodie had some fish tonite... it made us feel good! and she's got the dr suess duvet!... pee ess: message from doyle...i stole her pet milk... oops doyle ;D ((wierd my comment password...nallyzed... karma?)

  2. I'll have to remember the bonjela for sandfly bites - hubby always falls victim no matter where we are and once ended up with something like 50 bites all over his legs and the only plasters we had to cover it were wiggles plasters - it looked so funny!

  3. Hi Laura, I am so excited about Spring, and your blog has inspired me again. Thanks, Julianne from http://undermyhat.wordpress.com/
    PS Grrrrr sandflies!

  4. Wetas are one thing I don't miss about NZ!


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