Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stuff and stuff

I gathered up a lot of eggs to take to friend who owns a restaurant. They're having a Spanish tapas night tonight! We're all going, of course. It would be rude not to!

The seedlings are hardening up nicely and soon I'm going to plant them out in the garden

And finally a small project I'm working on for a much bigger project!
( don't worry about the paint on the fabric - it's getting recovered!)
In a wee while I'm off swimming but will be dropping Brodie off at the groomers - he needs a trim!

BEFORE (note his looong fringe! and messy feet, you can't see much of his body here to compare to the after, I'm afraid. He was laughing too much to stay still for long!)
AFTER ( neater fringe! and his body has been clipped much shorter...honest!)


  1. Penny and Alan9:45 pm

    Dearest Laura,
    Don't know if you can actually receive replies on your Blog-site--but here goes-----seeing your lovely photos, and reading about your "happenings"!! is just great, and makes us feel as though we are there with you and our wee boy! So, as ever, many thanks for sending them, and I wish that I was as au fait with the mystical workings of the computer to do likewise!

  2. Your seedlings look so gorgeously seeds have not sprouted at all yet. Hmmm, usually I can rustle up a bit of a green thumb, need to keep going at it.

  3. ha ha ha lovin the brodie tongue action so in your face!


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