Sunday, September 20, 2009

very scary fish!

Went fishing again yesterday, another glorious day on the Bay, fish were caught, but as usual none were taken home and all were returned to the sea!
Some very odd looking things. ( Click on the pictures to make them big, this makes the fish look even more freaky!)First fish being caught!


  1. Anonymous9:48 am

    My husband, Philip, and I both enjoy your weblog enormously. It is a source of endless delight to us that our subjects are engaged in such pleasant and wonderful activities in even that farthest-flung reaches of our commonwealth. Do keep up the good work.

    Liz R.

    P.S. Please say Hi to lloyd. Ta!

  2. Did you do a 'Rex Hunt' on the 3rd fishy?
    Am enjoying your blog too.

  3. Thats some scary looking teeth on that fish! Ouch!

  4. Eek, did you find out what sort of fish they were?!

  5. first one is a scorpion fish , second is... I can't remember but we found it on our fish chart so I'll look it out again and the last, but definitely not least is a trigger fish. They can be very territorial - only thing that has ever attacked me while diving is a trigger fish, I inadvertently got too near it's nest.

    Denny, what's a rex hunt? :)

    Tammy !yeh and L is a dentist,I think he thought they could do with a bit of a scale and polish!

  6. Rex hunt is a guy who does a fishing show on TV in Australia and before he throws a fish back he kisses it ...

  7. *splutter* thanks Tammy! No can't say we did - did you SEE those teeth!!

  8. Ok, the last one is quite scary! We're just about to start studying New Zealand in geography so these will be wonderful to show my children as to some of the wildlife there. :)

  9. Rex hunt is a fisherman with his own tv show.He is known to catch fish,give them a kiss on the mouth before throwing them back into the water.Do a search for him on Youtube..:)


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