Tuesday, October 27, 2009

(Caesar) Salad Days
Lunch at Leigh's

Leigh makes the best real Caesar salad ever and my lovely girl friends got together and chowed down.
It was just brilliant to see them all again.

Now follows lots and lots of girlie pics of Leigh, Diana, Stephanie and me (Randy was an honourary girl for the day!)
I only have 2 full days left of my trip now as I leave to go home on Thursday. It's been simply lovely! And fast, and rainy!


  1. Alan & Penny2:49 am

    Thanks a million--yet again!--for sending us all your photos, it's lovely to "see" you and to know what you've been up to!!

    Have a safe journey home and, of course give big hugs to Lloyd from his Mummy and Daddy!

    All fondest love to you and YOUR Mummy and Daddy!

  2. How great to have such wonderful friends . . . Glad you all had a great time.


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