Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the journey so far..
Ok I only left home 2 and a half hours ago~ but the flight down from the bay of Islands was ok. It's normally one I hate, but it was quick and not too bouncy.
My case was first off the plane, the transfer bus was waiting at the stop when I go there and the check in with Emirates in Auckland was so easy - there was no one else in the queue, then you get to go to this special desk at the side and do passport control there so you then just walk right through the big long queue one! Amazing. The staff are all the loveliest people and so, so friendly.
Then I went to the lounge and ate a lot of cheese and smoked salmon and a panacotta! All while surfing the internet for free!

Excuse the dreadful quality - I took these with my webcam in the middle of the lounge whilst giggling!

In Dubai now. Flight was very good and very comfortable. The huge plane is spectacular, I have photos to upload when I get to Scotland. I managed to sleep a lot and watch 4 films! I am now pretty tired and very hot - Dubai lounge is huge and busy and nothing special at all. I have red eyes

Emirates A380 - biggest passenger plane in the world and in my experience ~ the best!

the BAR!


  1. Mmmm, the panacotta looks yum - what amazing airport food! Hope the rest of your trip is as enjoyable!

  2. alan and penny10:51 pm

    Bon Voyage! Hope you enjoyed the Pannacotta as much as I did the one I ate in one of our village pub/brasserie last night!

  3. I saw panacotta being made on tv tonight, and thought I must try it. Happy flying!

  4. Ahhhh,so thats what you had a pig out!That Panna looks to die for!Was it yummy?


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