Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's much warmer than I expected even in the north of Scotland!

There seems to me a million more cars on the road than there used to be.

For a non lover of shopping I have been shopping almost every day since I got here - choice choice choice. Cheap cheap cheap! Who cares if they fall apart after a few months - I can mend them! I'll need another bag for the flight home but as this will probably be the only actual shopping I do for the next few years...

Shop assistants are incredibly friendly and chatty.

Cars are more flash!

I've turned off the central heating in my bedroom as its too hot

From what I can see the recession doesn't seem to have really hit Aberdeen much, not really empty shops, restaurants all seem busy enough etc. I think it's always been a bit sheltered because of the oil.

People certainly seem in more of a rush, but I'm guessing I was like that too when I lived here.

Jet lag is a bugger and not getting any better by the day. 4am was dark, 5.30am is just as dark.

web cams are wonderful - I've spoken to Lloyd twice a day since I arrived.

I am missing Lloyd and the dogs and animals a lot.

Cars are very noisy outside your bedroom window

It's absolutely lovely to see mum and dad.
Joff and Hilary came up at the weekend with Max ( even though the poor wee thing has chickenpox!) and that was brilliant! (Not the pox) Max is the most gorgeous, happy, funny, clever wee boy ever! I'm trying very hard to sneak him back home with me, but Hilary says I can only borrow him once he's 16!

Will try to take some photos of my trip - but so far they would only be ones of shopping centres! ( this is why the photos in this post have nothing to do with the content at all!)

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