Thursday, November 05, 2009

I'm a working girl now!
First day yesterday went really well, the dental practice is looking amazing and I met lots of lovely patients. I got up really, really early and made cupcakes. The patients seemed a little frightened to eat them though, like they think if we see them eating sweet things it'll be giving the game away!!Then I went to check the garden, feed the animals, water the veggies etc and to my joy found the first courgette flower and a teeny tiny patty pam! Yippee the veggies are on their way.

This is supposed to be a mesculin mix - looks more like a lot of Chinese greens to me! ( which are lovely, but not what I was expecting)

The beans are buzzing with bumble bees!
Everything has taken a wee growth spurt since I got home - it hadn't really rained at all and things just needed watering. They're happy wee veggies now.

and now the Dental Practice!
It's all finished so when I saw it for the first time after getting back from Scotland I was blown away. All my photographs are up and the printing is amazing.

I'm really pleased!

this is Vanessa's and my desk ~ isn't it great!
Quite tired, though. Still got a wee bit of jet lag and with travelling we're doing an almost 12 hour day. I'll get used to it though, so it's all good.


  1. Wow, look at your photos! And your cupcakes, I just want to lick that icing off, mmmmmm. The practice looks fabulous, well done to you both!

  2. Anonymous12:30 am

    If I lived over your way, I would come visit, if only for the cupcakes!

    Karen (near Bundaberg) Qld. Australia.

  3. Wow,what a lovely,calm looking reception area.Great work!

  4. Anonymous9:15 am

    You take the most wonderful pictures. The cupcakes look delish and the dental practice looks so calm and inviting.

  5. thank you everyone - its so lovely to hear! We've all worked so hard to get it like this. Also since this is my first time working in a sort of office environment in about 20 years I am exhausted! and I mostly just sit at a desk!! Pathetic really.
    It's glorious today and I'm sitting listening to the birds outside, there is a slight breeze coming in the door and it's great!
    Cat, my cup cake courier is ordered and hopefully on it's way! yippee! also i need to invest in a piping thingy to make the icing look lovely like yours!

  6. What a great job you've done! Those cute cupcakes are making me hungry!

  7. What amazing photos. I think I might register with you and just pop over once a year. I love that driftwood one, I used to do lots of that sort of thing before I had kids. Should start again now that they're teenagers.


  8. congratulations guys you really do know how to do things in style!!!


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