Sunday, November 08, 2009

Our Avocado "Orchard"
We've been planning to do this for ages, but Avocados need to be planted at this time of year to give them the best chance and we've always missed it! Anyway, this year we were organised and planted our three hass avocado trees this afternoon.

Lloyd read up on what we were supposed to do then went to the garden place to get them and was told to ignore all that and basically do the opposite! Argh! however the man he was talking to used to have an avocado farm so we reckoned he knew what he was talking about.

So most important of all is not to damage the roots at all when planting out as they are very fragile. Mix soil, compost and some lime together. Put a little in the bottom of the hole you've just dug and water. Plant tree with about 10 cm of the earthy bit sticking out. Then mound soil up a wee bit to form a pyramid round the base of the tree. Finally put wind break round them. If they survive the first year you're ok - if not start again! So here's hoping!

First one in

Second one in

third hole being dug - oh the excitement!
All done!
Fingers crossed for our first avocados in three years time!


  1. Oh, I hope they are fruitful for you!

    I've always wanted to grow our own, and when we move, we will give it a go. What a great idea planting so many at once, too! There's no such thing as too many avi's after all.

  2. Eeh yer gotta luv a man and his spade!

  3. Anonymous1:25 pm

    I hope they do well for you!!


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