Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas at home
I put up the tree today as a christmassy continuation to yesterday.  I've got feathers instead of tinsel and almost all the decorations are glass ones that I bought on a trip to London eons ago. I had to go and buy new lights, though as the old ones didn't work. However, the good thing about putting up your tree so late is that the shop had 50% off all decorations!

The 'Bad Santa' in the middle of the mantle piece was given to us by lovely friends - Joanna and Andrew, a long time ago - it scares Lloyd, but I put it up every year cos I think it's hysterial! One day I may put it under Lloyd's pillow!

I feel all christmas spirity now. (even if it is about 90% humidity and the cicadas are humming away in the background!)


  1. Anonymous5:53 am

    Great decorations. "Bad Santa" does look kind of scary.

  2. Hello!

    Thank you for the comment, Marian did contact me and I made contact yesterday too.

    I just love you Christmas photos. Really festive.

    Lea White

  3. How can anyone think Jack Skellington is scary?! So glad he come out annually, and why not bring him out bi-annually, at Halloween too!

    Glad we gave you him and that at least one of you like him. That also means you can make Lloyd feel better by cuddling up to him, not that you need an excuse! LOL, Joanna


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