Sunday, December 20, 2009

We've had varied success over the years with garlic but this year I was determined to really work hard at getting it right.
We planted three different types, hard neck - purple NZ garlic, generic NZ garlic and a heritage one called Takahue which originally grew wild on the sand dunes in the far north.
We planted it all about a week earlier than the shortest day, just as we were organised really!

Tomorrow is the longest day in NZ and this is when you're supposed to harvest it, but I had a sneaky dig up of a couple today.
I dug up one of the hard necks and it is perfect and just as it should be, then I dug up one of the Takahue ones and it is spectacular! It's HUGE!
I am so pleased! All the hard work was totally worth it.

( that's a $2 coin for scale)
The white one is the Takahue and the purple one is the hard neck.




  1. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Did you get scapes off the hardneck garlic? I thought mine were running to seed, but then found out they were a delicacy! Still haven't eaten them though, tucked away in the freezer for when inspiration arrives!!


  2. i would say thats a major success


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