Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fishing last night..
As usual we caught nothing, nada! We did everything right as well. Got a place on the map that was recommended by the fishing shop. Found it perfectly. Dropped anchor, fish finder said there were millions of fish. Two other well equipped fishing boats also arrived and anchored up so we knew it should be a good place. Used the right bait, got trillions of nibbles and bites, but did any of the fish make it up into the boat and then for dinner  - nope!

None of the other boats caught anything either.
Lloyd met a friend at the market this  morning who said last night everyone said what a terrible night it was an nobody caught anything - doesn't make me feel any better though - I had such high hopes!!

The scenery was fab though.

I love the spotty effect the water made when it splashed onto the camera!! ( it's ok) 

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