Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vegetables Galore!
Everything is getting to the almost ready stage in the veggie garden. So far we've been munching on courgettes, broad beans and pampams, all the peapods are finished, the carrots and spring onions are ready and so are the potatoes. Still waiting for the other beans, the edamame and various other things. The tomatoes are absolutely covered in hundreds of wee tomatoes but are nowhere near ready yet. I'm very excited about our first ever cucumbers.


I think this is possibly our most prolific year ever. We've been irrigating every night as we've had no proper rain now for 8 weeks and counting. If I remember to take my camera out on the next drive to work I'll take some photos of how brown everything is. We are normally very green and lush up here but not this year. I think if things don't change there are going to be a lot of worried farmers. We are lucky and understocked this year so i think we should be ok.

I also got a 'grandad' feeder for the chickens. We were feeding all the local birds and going through a huge amount of peck and lay. The chooks haven't mastered it properly yet but I'm still hopeful.


  1. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Oh Laura...I have a new monitor and can see everything properly now...the vegies are stunning, well done.
    Shame about the fishing though ;)

    Love from Sue
    DTE coffeee

  2. Hi
    So they make the feeders in wood too now? Did you buy it online?

    Very cold here in England, wish we were back home!

  3. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Your garden looks fantastic!!

  4. What a beautiful and neat garden! I sure wish ours looked that nice!


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