Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Added some more to the menagerie today.

We went over to Russell to pick up 7 Appleyard ducklings (we got them from Inger and Grant , the same people we got the NHR fertile eggs from). They are 3 and a half weeks old. I thought they would be tiny ~ how wrong I was! They are huge! Thankfully we'd built a decent sized temporary run for them yesterday. To our surprise it even fitted the wee pool I got. I'm really glad it did as when we put it in they all instantly got in and started swimming around and diving under the water, it was so cool.
They don't have proper wing feathers yet and can't fly, so we put a stone in the pond and also wood round the edges to give them something to get up onto so they can get out and in easily. They mastered it in about 2 seconds flat!

I reckon by tomorrow morning there will be no water left in it - messy wee things they are!
I love them already, of course!



Ready, steady...Go!

much hilarity

They only need to stay in this small run for a week or so, just so they know this is home. After that we'll let them out into the huge chicken run.


  1. They are so sweet - lucky you!

  2. Oh, they are cute! And so huge! I'm really going to have to push hubby for a duckpen quick, quick.

  3. How big is your chicken run? I hadn't thought of putting ducks in with them, will you have a separate house for them? We want to get ducks also, just haven't got around to it yet.


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