Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ducks get their freedom.

Ok they've been here for a few days and seem happy with their surroundings so I took them out of their small makeshift run and let them into the huge run. I was a teeny bit concerned that the chooks would bully them but they have shown no interest whatsoever. They want to eat all the duck food though, so I'm going to have to make sure the ducks get enough.
Apart from that, the ducks found their wee pool immediately, went for a swim, had breakfast then went, en masse, for an explore of their new kingdom. Now they've made a nest in the grassy bit. Well, I say grassy, but we haven't much of the green stuff left. It's more like dried out hay!
All is well in the land of ducks and chooks.
aw, her wings aren't big enough yet to tuck her head under for a snooze!

Do our bums look big in this?

Nestled nearby, Abigail and Jemima resting in the shade.

I've got a load of new borage  in the veggie garden, this time it's buzzing with bumble bees. They seem to collect the pollen more quickly that the other bees so there's way less time to get a decent pic.


  1. I love the way ducks do things as a group. We only have 3, but they seem incapable of doing anything by themselves, everything is a group activity.

  2. We had ducks for a little while - but not as cute as yours thats for sure - muscovies. All I have to say about them is *yuk*! Yours however look so cute I just want to pick them up and cuddle them.

  3. muscovies certainly have a very unique look! But my lovely MIL had one and it was her favourite!
    Toria, I'm learning that! ")

  4. Lovely pics! The ducks are so cute!


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