Monday, January 11, 2010

I just made this!
Sue and Tammy at down to earth did a tutorial on how to make a bread bag. I thought it was really cute so made one too.
I got a choice of three fabrics (otherwise known as tea towels!)

I liked the pale blue best so went with that
and here it is all finished - I even did the embroidery myself! the bag is good, the embroidery is a little squiffy - but I like it! Got to make some bread now!


  1. What a great job you have done on the bread bag

  2. Anonymous2:53 am

    It looks great!!

  3. How cute. I just started making bread and was wondering what to keep it in. Thanks for sharing. I am hosting an art giveaway that you might find interesting. Stop by when you have a chance and take a look.


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