Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Our dogs aren't itchy anymore!

Don't know about the rest of you, but we were having a shocking flea problem this summer. It's been so hot and dry I think there are just thriving. Every day we would find fleas on the dogs even though they had been flea treated with Frontline and I sprayed lavender water on them as a deterrent, nothing was working and I was getting bitten too.
We bought flea bombs and did the whole house - still no real improvement. And the fleas we were finding on the dogs were very alive so they were probably just bringing more in all the time. It was incredibly frustrating!
Eventually we realised that the Frontline may not be working. So we rushed to the vet and got some Practic. Within a day our problem disappeared.
Now, when L was in the vets he asked them if anyone else was having problems - yes. With Frontline - Yes. So certainly, for us, it would seem that even though we'd spent a near fortune on something that was supposed to work it most certainly hadn't. We followed the instructions to the letter.
I am pretty hacked off really.
Equally I am now delighted to have sorted the problem out and am very grateful to Practic! Wee Brodie ie certainly one happy chappy!
So, anyone else having problems this year?? Or is Frontline still working for you? Maybe we have immune fleas up in Northland!


  1. Yikes that sounds bad. Hope you get rid of them soon.
    We had a bad time with fleas last year, strange because we don't have pets.. the fleas were breeding in a pile of sand in the garden and we were transporting them inside on our clothing! I got badly bitten and really fed up of the constant laundering and vacuuming. Eventually we realised where they were coming from and got rid of the sand, put down some diatomaceous earth and a few weeks later no more fleas. Hope we don't have them again!

  2. sounds like the head lice infestations in schools! The treatment
    had to be changed regularly as the wee beasties seemed to develop an
    immunity to a particular treatment after a time

  3. I think the fleas develop an immunity to it. I alternate between frontline and advantage which seems to help, not sure we have Practic in Oz but I will look out for it.

    Lovely jacaranda, ours flowers in Late November but gives really good shade to the chooks at this time of the year.

  4. I guess that's what's happened. We did alternate last year so perhaps we should have kept doing that. In actual fact I don't know why we went back to Frontline as Practic was better last year too. It's quite spectacular!

  5. We had that problem with our dogs here north of Brisbane last summer also. A reliable source (a friend who worked with vet supplies) said that Frontline had changed their mix and it was known to be not so effective - but they still sell it
    & Dr. Harry keeps recommending it! We have 3 dogs and it was costing a packet. I switched to Advantix (not familiar with Practic here). Since then had no probs. Sorry didn't mean this to sound like an advert.... just found your blog and love it! We spent 3 weeks south of Sth Is in September ... and I want to go back .. right now would be good with our sultry summer here. Cheers Wendy

  6. ah Wendy, that would also make sense, as this is what I was feeling! We're going to go to Advantage for the cats as frontline seems to be making them bald!!! ( on the spot you put it on)
    and that can't be good.

    thanks xxx


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