Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Three things in one post...
First - look at the chicks! They're 4 days old now and they have wee feathers coming through on their wings and 2 of them have teeny tiny tail feathers. They are incredibly cute, and just like last year, Maude is being a fantastic mum.

Second - this is some of the veggie garden spoils for today. There are a couple of globe artichokes, a spring onion, lots of beans, a pam pam and a courgette ( almost marrow). We actually gave this basket down to the people at the Acorn.

Third - I've been doing this!
At work in between patients it can sometimes get very quiet on the desk. While L is working away doing teeth I was slowly going demented! So a friend of mine mentioned 'Why don't you do some stitching' she was even kind enough to send me some patterns - thanks Sue!
Anyway, I thought why not! Now I'm hooked. It's a bit messy but so far so good. One is going to go on a bag, the other is going to go in a frame and the last one ....not sure yet! In the chook house??

they all need a bit of an iron!


  1. ohh the beautiful bounty from your garden makes my mouth water. Lovely embroidery. Great way to fill in time.
    Your chickens are just too cute. such a great photo of the family.

  2. Anonymous7:14 am

    Those little babies are so cute.

  3. thanks!!
    They are so so so cute aren't they. Also they grow SO fast. I think they've doubled n size.

  4. I love the pictures, esp. the one of the chicks. Makes me go "Awwww." :-)

  5. Awww, look at those cute little chicks :-)

    I like embroidery too - cross stitch, just not much time for it now :-( ;-)


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