Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Waiting Game.
Between us and the rozellas.
The plums have been almost ready for wee while now and every day there have been lots of rozellas hanging around, chattering noisily just biding their time. We've been biding our time as well, chattering a bit more quietly.
This morning we felt we could wait no longer as they had begun to eat them, We know from experience that the rozellas can strip a tree in a couple of hours.
Lloyd collected a basket full of not quite ripe plums, they will ripen on the deck. We weren't greedy, though and some were left for the wee parrots to feast on.

I hung the garlic up in the larder. I had just left it on the deck but the last couple of days have been incredibly humid and it got a tiny bit damp - I would have been really upset if I ruined it all!


  1. Alan and Penny10:43 pm

    This latest post reminds me of our last summers' plum crop; we had loads of Victoria plums on 2 old trees in the garden. They were ripening nicely--and then nearly all of them vanished! And we have no rosellas! Could it have been pigeons or squirrels? There were no stones on the ground so maybe it was a human thief! Oh well, there's always this year; I'll have to do as you did, and pick them early.

  2. Hi, I have just now found your wonderful blog and so enjoyed reading. I am trying to make a farm out of our 13 acres, in the harsh, rock solid grounds of West Texas, USA, and was so delighted to read your profile and all that you are doing. I am planning on planting apple, pear and plum trees soon and so enjoyed seeing your harvest.I have 4 blogs if you would like to stop by....
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  3. Hi there,
    I laughed at your basket of plums, well, I was a little envious to tell the truth...we didnt get ONE plum to eat this year...not one single, solitary plum....the lorikeets got all of ours, and I can hear them out there now eating our
    Your garlic crop looks fabulous, mine were a little small, but lovely to use your own and not rely on imported cloves from china....Happy Gardening...x

  4. Your garlic strings look so neat... mine were a complete mess, although they've all gone now. I shall have to learn how to do it like this.


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