Friday, February 12, 2010

The police arrived about half an hour ago. They had our laptop! A wee bit leafy and dusty, but in total working order, not a scratch on it. 
No sign of the other things, but the laptop was the important one anyway!
They told us they found it at 'an address' and 'all' of them are locked up now.

Amazingly fast work by the police. What stars.
We are very happy today.
      This is the happy fish! As you can probably tell I'm writing this at work and didn't have any photos, the fish flying across the room (taken with the webcam)  will have to convey our happiness! I think he does a pretty good job.


  1. Yeah! We never realize how much we have on the laptop till its gone! So glad it was recovered!

  2. Wow--glad that they recovered it that quickly! So sad to hear that you were broken into though. That blown up photo in the back ground looks incredible--I hope to do some like that for our home....

  3. Im so glad you got it back Laura and that the baddies were aprehended! xx

  4. thanks for your comment about the photograph, it's one of mine :) *blush* we used a local company to do the blowing up and mounting. They were amazing.

  5. Anonymous6:33 am

    Glad to hear you got the laptop back.

  6. Sorry to hear about the break in but that's good that the thieves were caught and that you got the laptop back intact.

  7. So glad they caught the thieves and you have your laptop back.....hope they lock them up and leave them there.

  8. Your Happy Fish has made me LOL today,I think you've perhaps gone a bit loon with happiness LOL,glad its been sorted xxx

  9. Well that is the thing about Karma - what goes around comes around. Good work by the local boys in blue though. Bit spooky about my previous comment though!


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